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Help with My Distinctive
My Distinctive Member Settings and Options

My Distinctive Menus

Once you are logged into My Distintctive you will see a new menu in the upper left corner of our black and white main menu bar represented by the MY logo.  This menu will be available on every page of our site and will contain the basic options available to My Distinctive users but nothing specific to searching our MLS listings. 

On pages that have something to do with MLS listings you will also see a MY logo in the black options menu in the upper right corner of those pages. Here you will find options relating to saving favorites, contacting your My Distinctive agent and more. 

My Settings

When you first sign-up and login to your "My Distinctive" account, we'll take you directly to this page to setup your options. Later, you can return to this page at any time by clicking the My Settings link in your My Distinctive Options task bar.

On this screen you can choose how often you wish to receive email alerts that notify you of new listings which match your search criteria. Options are weekly, daily, or manually. The last option means that you'll only be notified when your agent does so manually.

You can also elect to receive our quarterly newsletter by email or U.S. mail.

And you can use this screen to let your agent know about any special requests you have related to your home buying or selling experience. If you want a pool or something else, this is the place to let your agent know.

Once you update your options, use the normal navigation on the site to view our listings. (Look under Listings in the upper left of the menu). 


When logged into My Distinctive you will have the ability to:

  • Maintain a list of "Favorite Listings". You may click on the "smiley" face icon or choose "Save to Favorites" to add or remove a listing from your favorite list. This list will be available to you each time you login to My Distinctive. 
  • View and maintain a list of listings "Suggested" by your My Distinctive agent. If suggested listings are available you will see a "View Suggested Listings" from the MY menu on listings search pages. 
  • Save you search parameters so that you can preform the same search each time you return to the site. Simply select "Save Search to My Distinctive" to ask our system to remember your search parameters. You may also clear this search using the "Clear Your My Distinctive Search" option. 
Logging Out

While you usually don't really HAVE to logout of My Distinctive if you wish to do so or are using a publically accessed computer simply click on the Logout option located at the bottom of any My Distinctive menu.  

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